Native Advertising Editor with digital journalism experience


Do you have experience in digital journalism and an interest in marketing? Then n365 group may be perfect for you.


n365 group is an independent content marketing agency, providing engaging content in both digital and print media. We’ve also got one of the most successful viral sites worldwide,


Founded in Sweden in 2011, n365 group expanded to the UK in mid 2016, and are now ready to expand the team.


Our modern headquarters in the heart of the Swedish capital Stockholm is made up of 50+ dynamic and creative media professionals, growing every month – we seek to achieve the same exciting environment in our London office within a few short years.


We’re searching for well-rounded multimedia journalists who can naturally drift towards a preferable role, or seize an innovative opportunity in any particular area of the company.

Native advertising

We run brilliant advertorials, i.e. articles for products and services designed to lead to conversions for our clients, such as new customers or purchases, using data-driven optimisation of our content.

We know from experience that if you have a background in digital journalism, preferably tabloid journalism, you’re already equipped for this task and will likely enjoy the thrill. Over the years, we have worked with clients such as SAS, Secret Escapes, Citroen, Oxfam, most major gambling companies, and dozens more.

If you’re driven and like to learn new things, you’ll settle right into the world of native advertising.  The aim is to teach journalists new skills, by honing their news sense to other, non-editorial, processes, so we don’t demand that you have any marketing experience at all.

The company (recently renamed from nyheter365)

We are a young company driven by a lot of young talents.

We’re a flat organisation which means we’re trying to avoid managers over managers and instead ensure that everyone is working together as a team to develop our company and themselves.

We don’t believe in having too many unnecessary processes, but put a lot of trust into each individual, so that everyone can develop with the best possible conditions.

We are working hard to become the best we can be, but working hard also means we have to recharge our batteries from time to time. This could be playing ping pong, FIFA, having a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon, or maybe going to conferences together abroad. We’re trying to keep the countries (we also have offices in Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki) together by taking trips to either our headquarters in Stockholm or other places (the kick-off event of 2017 was held in Barcelona and a new conference trip is planned for Gdansk in September 2017).

Since August 2017 n365 group is a part of Mediaplanet group which will open up for new exciting collaborations.

We are seeking the following candidates:

  • Have experience in digital news journalism, preferably tabloid journalism.
  • Team players. Working well in a team and helping others are crucial components of our success.
  • Are comfortable writing and working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.
  • Humble and not afraid to reconsider old truths in order to help develop our business.
  • Like and understand social media, especially Facebook. The ability to write engaging and interesting headlines is considered an asset.
  • A strong sense of responsibility and ability to work on your own initiative. At the same time, you should be prepared to perform tasks outside your duties as we work in an industry that changes constantly.


This is a full-time position. Applications will be handled continuously and the position will be filled as soon as possible.


You may send your application, or come in with any questions, to [email protected]

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