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For Carglass to take on the role of helpful expert.

How Carglass® became the most talked about car window repair shop in Sweden

Carglass® has more than 50 workshops in Sweden and offers stone chip repairs, as well as the replacement of broken windshields.

Although Carglass® has both a substantial physical presence and a good commercial presence in Sweden – brand awareness score is continually high in third-party surveys – press coverage over the last couple of years has been close to zero.

The solution: To adapt the conversation about car window repair to one concerning safety, and for Carglass to take on the role of helpful expert.

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Strategy: Together with Carglass®, N365 have worked on two major press releases concerning safety.

The first press release “Every other family with children drives with dangerous car windows” was based on a public survey where we asked drivers about their knowledge and views concerning car safety and car windows.

The second press release “These are the best and worst countries to vacation to by car” was a compilation of helpful facts (the majority of them had an emphasis on safety) for Swedish drivers planning a vacation abroad by car.

So far, both of the activations have been picked up in national media (Aftonbladet and DN (print) as well as local media (bl.a. Sydsvenskan (print), Örebroguiden (print)), and specialized media (Motormagazinet, Vi Bilägare).

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