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Digital conversion expertise goes into print
- Our customer intake increased by 522%
Since the very beginning N365’s focus has been to find the highest conversion rate for our customers. We have seen that finding the right angles combined with a native environment has proved to be the right recipe.

We have worked with the major publications in Sweden, producing both print adverts, and full inserts with those digital learnings in mind. We are proud of our work, given that our way of doing these print efforts are unique, and the response from our clients has been overwhelming and positive.

At the time of the Junior World Championships in Ice hockey we produced a 16-page insert in Aftonbladet. It reached the public on Christmas Day just in time for the Championship.

“We were very pleased with the insert. N365 showed great knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity and produced a high-quality product. This was one of our best performing marketing efforts during the year. The week when the insert was distributed, we increased the customer intake by 522% compared to the same period last year. An achievement we are very happy about”, said marketing coordinator Henrik Lengstedt at Nordicbet

  • Native advertising
    Creative minds and data-driven optimisation

    N365 are the experts in creating campaigns with high conversion results and/or increased sales.

  • We are unique
    Tailor made solutions based on your targets

    Even though our concept can be replicated, dedicated editors ensure every campaign is unique.

  • We are multi channel
    Digital, Print, TV, OOH and Radio

    We are 100% independent and always recommends the best channels for your campaign based on your targets.

  • Always next step
    We take your campaign to the next level

    We never settle for anything less than having you 100% satisfied, by taking your campaign to the next level.

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