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Converting native video ads

How SkimSafe increased its sales through effective video advertising on Facebook

N365 was commissioned by SkimSafe to drive up brand awareness and conversions on digital channels. As a direct result of N365’s marketing strategy – the focal point of which were narrative video ads – SkimSafe has reached over 2,1 million people.

“Thanks to N365’s campaigns, we have reached many new customers and received very useful data that we can use in our decision-making process,” says Carl Martinsson, one of SkimSafe’s founders.

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The goal was clear: The newly started security company SkimSafe wanted N365 to reach out to new customers through marketing campaigns on digital channels.

After N365 analyzed the market, the campaign strategy developed a two-pronged approach: First to educate the audience about card fraud, and second to get that same audience to buy a new product on the market: the SkimSafe card.

Facebook was the platform of choice for the digital campaign, being supplemented by educational print articles in Metro, Expressen and Aftonbladet.

“N365 constantly optimizes its campaigns and makes new suggestions on how we can develop and improve our communication.”
Carl Martinsson, one of SkimSafe’s founders

Through the use of narrative video adverts, N365 spread knowledge of wireless screening on Facebook, whilst simultaneously directing more straightforward product ads at people who were interested in the content.

This strategy proved to be a success, and not only when it came to directly converting video ads with positive ROI. Groundbreaking data was also generated, that which can tailor new audiences based on viewer length and commitment.

“N365’s video adverts feel modern, engaging and help us to reach our goals.”
Carl Martinsson, one of SkimSafe’s founders

Together with N365, SkimSafe has also taken market shares in the Norwegian and English markets. Today, it’s the Nordic region’s most sold protection against wireless screening.

“We are pleased with the collaboration and appreciate that N365 is goal-orientated, data-driven and clear in its communication,” says Carl Martinsson.

The advertising market is evolving at an alarming rate. Experts estimate that 78% of all online content will be mobile material by 2020. That’s why lessons learned from the SkimSafe campaign have been invaluable in the continued work of N365’s campaigns in other markets.

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