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How Vethem became the obvious choice in the veterinary jungle

The challenge: Launch a veterinary app and achieve quick results.
The result: One of the largest players in Sweden.

In September 2018, Vethem launched its service in Sweden. They offer calls with licensed vets directly over the phone.

The challenge – as with many new companies – was to reach a relevant target audience and achieve results quickly, despite a limited budget.

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The choice of agency fell on N365, who together with Vethem set up a strategy so as to enable the company to grow quickly. Through a Facebook campaign with app downloads as the main KPI, traffic was driven by both video and articles.

“N365 has played an important role in our expansion. Through their unique way of analyzing data and constantly creating new relevant content, we saw good results quickly.”
Erik Carlsson, marketing manager at Vethem

Daily optimization in real time has been an important part of the drive toward maximizing the effect, as much emphasis was placed on analysis. The analysis has provided learnings on which articles and ads have created the best results, which investments within Facebook have converted the best, and which target groups are most interested in the content.

The mix of moving material and relevant articles has contributed to a declining CPA every week and an increased brand awareness among the Swedish people.

“We are very pleased with the results and the cooperation. N365 is creative, proactive and accurate in analysis and optimization, something that has been crucial to us. We look forward to a long collaboration.”
Erik Carlsson, marketing manager at Vethem

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