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5 reasons to include storytelling in your marketing

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We humans have communicated via storytelling since the dawn of time. Stories evoke emotions in us and are therefore a very good tool for reaching the target group – regardless of KPIs.

For us at N365, native advertising is more than just a good story.

We aim to find the best story by looking at data and optimising content throughout the campaign. This is how we help our customers find the most effective way to achieve their goals – whatever they may be.

Are you wondering if you should have storytelling as part of your marketing? Here are five reasons why storytelling is a powerful marketing tool.

1. Trigger emotions

There is no doubt that storytelling evokes emotions in us. All companies have a story, no matter what product or service they offer, and by telling this you build a closer bond with the target group. It becomes easier for the target group to understand why your product or service is important to them.

2. Engage the target groups

When you feel an emotional connection to what you read, you also become more easily engaged. Engagement can be created through a number of different stories – everything from stories about the brand, customers and employees to reviews and case studies. The stronger the story, the stronger the commitment!

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3. Crucial step

N365 operates with a three-stage model where we drive relevant traffic from advertisement to story and on to the customer’s landing page. Several of our partners have asked the question why you must go through the intermediate stage of storytelling, and we have of course done several A/B tests to prove the power of native advertising.

One example is from the travel company Secret Escapes. Initially, they wanted N365 to run a traditional display campaign, but we recommended the customer test a solution with 50/50 display and native to demonstrate what storytelling can do.

The results speak for themselves:

“Fantastic to see that native advertising is performing so well. I officially stand corrected”, stated the marketing manager of Secret Escapes.

4. Creates trust

When you tell a story about your brand, you give customers an insight into the company’s values. This helps to build trust and credibility, which are the alpha and omega of any successful brand. A decisive factor is that N365, through native advertising, refers to the brand as a third party. We convey stories with an editorial touch, so that the mention comes from another source rather than promoting oneself. After all, we are all concerned about other people’s views when we are embracing a new product or service.

5. Conversion and action

In other words, when the target audience takes the step forward from the stories they have read about the brand, they are significantly more warm and ready to carry out a conversion or action. We therefore send the traffic we have collected on to our customers’ websites for the completion of purchases or other desired activities.


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