Welcome to N365, Henrik Hidalgo – new Sales Manager in Sweden

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Henrik Hidalgo, new Sales manager at N365 Sweden

Today, N365 is thrilled to introduce its new sales manager for the Swedish market. Henrik Hidalgo, formerly Head of Native at Leeads, will now lead the Swedish sales team.
“Henrik brings solid experience and knowledge of the digital landscape. With him on board, we look forward to growing and further developing our already strong offering in the Swedish market,” says Gustav Parment, Country Manager Sweden at N365.

N365 offers a diverse product portfolio focusing on converting content and positive ROI, rooted in native advertising—a realm familiar to the new sales manager, Henrik Hidalgo.

“I’ve been working with digital offerings for ten years, with the last five specifically focusing on native advertising. N365 is a company I’ve always kept an eye on, standing out with its data-driven approach where numbers take center stage over gut feelings. For me, it’s about getting even more partners to recognize the strength of our offering,” says Henrik Hidalgo, the new sales manager at N365.

The primary focus will be on the Swedish market. However, as N365 has offices in six countries and handles campaigns in around twenty markets, collaborations across more areas will become relevant.

“Considering Henrik’s deep expertise in content and analysis, it’s a given for us to involve him in several projects. We have great confidence that Henrik can refine all the excellent work we do today in the Swedish sales department and introduce new perspectives based on his experiences and skills,” says Gustav Parment, Country Manager Sweden at N365.

Henrik Hidalgo commenced his role as sales manager just before Christmas and has already settled into the position.

“I’ve received a warm welcome and have had the chance to meet most of my new colleagues. It’s a warm and knowledgeable team, and I look forward to achieving small and big successes together with my new colleagues in 2024,” says Henrik Hidalgo.

Want to improve your digital campaigns? Reach out to Henrik immediately: [email protected]

This is Henrik

Henrik HidalgoAge: 35 years young
Resides: Stockholm
Interests: Football, gaming, and outdoor activities
Favorite place: Marbella, with family
Strengths: Driven, loyal, and problem solver
Hidden talent: Can weld just about anything