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N365 Breaks Records – Unleashing Snapchat’s Potential

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Morten Maaetoft, Head of Campaign Performance at N365

2023 was a milestone year for N365, as the agency’s media spend on Snapchat grew by 60% compared to 2022 with more clients than ever before wanting to run Snapchat campaigns. This is the result of multiple innovations and a strong collaboration between N365 and Snapchat.

Conversion campaigns, expansive branding initiatives and even super engaging AR-lenses. N365 did it all on Snapchat in 2023, a truly record-breaking year for Snapchat and N365.

The content driven agency ramped up its media spend on Snapchat in 2023, recording a remarkable 60% increase compared to the previous year, as N365’s number of clients on the social media reached its highest ever level, growing by 166% compared to 2022.

One of the secrets behind the record-breaking year is the curiosity and data-driven approach to social media advertising that flows through every part of N365.

Close collaboration with Snapchat

Ludvig Nilsson, Senior Account Executive at Snap Inc

Ludvig Nilsson, Senior Account Executive at Snap Inc

“The key to success lies in N365’s holistic approach, collaborating extensively with clients from creative production to the final delivery of digital ads. They closely coordinate with both me and our Snap Sweden team, offering the latest insights, tips and tricks tailored to specific verticals based on what we see working for others in that same or similar space,” says Ludvig Nilsson, Senior Account Executive at Snap Inc.

Another factor that made a difference is N365’s increased focus on Snapchat. In the end of 2022, Head of Campaign Performance Morten Maaetoft stepped into a new role as the product owner for Snapchat in N365.

“2023 was my first full year being N365’s product owner for Snapchat, so of course it’s super cool to see such a significant difference in both media spend and the number of clients already,” says Morten Maaetoft.

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An even stronger conversion channel

2023 was also the year where Snapchat launched 7/0 optimization, an innovation tailored to increase the number of post-click conversions. The impact is undeniable: In some cases the share of post-click conversions increased by as much as five times after implementing 7/0 optimization.

“Snapchat was always a solid choice for conversions, but 7/0 optimization made the platform even stronger. If you know how to utilize placements, optimization strategies and targeting tools, Snapchat is a great full funnel platform. I believe we’ll see an even stronger 2024,” says Morten Maaetoft, and Ludvig Nilsson agrees.

“I am delighted and proud to announce the expansion of our partnership with N365, aiming to further elevate the success for their clients, ultimately achieving higher ROIs in 2024,” says Ludvig Nilsson.

Morten’s 5 reasons why your company should be on Snapchat in 2024

  1. Reach new audiences
    As much as 20% of the audience found on Snapchat isn’t present on Facebook or Instagram – and the number is even higher for TikTok and X, according to research made by GWI.
  2. Conversions API
    The death of third part-cookies and pixels is imminent, but Snapchat has the next step. Conversions API will allow solid tracking even after the cookie death. And the best part: N365 can help you set it up!
  3. Made-to-measure advertising
    Visual identities are super important to advertisers. Snapchat is a super visual platform, which gives you every possibility to customize your ads to fit exactly your company.
  4. Favorable CPMs
    According to N365 statistics, the CPMs on Snapchat tend to be significantly lower than other platforms, allowing you to get a very high reach and often good CPAs and CPCs.
  5. 7/0 optimization
    The unique 7/0 optimization feature that Snapchat launched last year allows you to aim specifically for post click-conversions, which in its turn tends to improve performance overall.

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