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With Branded Content and Branded Video

We’ve proven that we know how to get engagement on social media through many of our platforms, and when it comes to branded content, engagement is one of the most important measurements for us.

Our goal is to reach out to as big a relevant audience as possible and, through our content, achieve more awareness or change attitudes about brands or campaigns.

Branded Content

Branded content for us is editorial content branded by a brand or campaign, that wants to be seen in a specific environment. We’re happy to sit down with our editorial team and you to discuss content on a start-up level.

Vast experience

Our editors have loads of experience from both generating results through our native advertising offer and making engaging content for our own platforms, such as Sweden’s biggest viral site Newsner, and those two skills combined makes for a good background to have before looking into branding content campaigns. Both Newsner and our native advertising has always been data-driven, and of course we’re using data to optimise our branded content campaigns as well.

Videos are here to stay

Since 2015, we’ve got our own video desk as well as becoming experts in creating videos for social media. This is also something we’ve been happy to offer our clients with great results, or how about getting more views than our own Swedish hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic by making a video about a grill?

In-house production

As always, our video production and optimisation is data driven and our experience has given us plenty of essential knowledge to create videos with both creative ideas, but also look at small details that make the big differences.

Branded Video

In 2015, we did our first video campaign, made for our client and broadcasted through traditional TV. That was a non-editorial clip made with an editorial touch, and we realised that there was an opportunity to do something more through video – especially since we had seen some great results with video content from our viral work with

Amazing results

We started to test branded video as a way to do editorial content clips sponsored by relevant brands that wanted to be seen in a certain environment. And the results we’ve seen are amazing, we are probably most proud of our recipe video together with Weber, reaching over 10 million views (!) broadcasted from our Swedish pages with a client budget of 25 000 SEK (around £2,000). Even though that was a huge success we’ve experienced many of our clients reaching over 1 million views in Sweden with similar budgets.

Cost effective

Today we see branded video as the most cost effective way to get a wide reach for the brand in a relevant environment. We’re happy to discuss what kind of videos we could do together with your brand. Contact us for a free quote!

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