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When Newsner changed the game

In September 2014, N365 launched its own journalistic platform,, a website focusing on getting viral traffic from social media channels.

The idea was inspired by several big cases from other countries, such as Upworthy and Buzzfeed, and the traffic went through the roof immediately – after just a week we had a million visitors (which is big in a country like Sweden, where the population is 10 million).

Today, Newsner is a well-known media in Sweden and the third biggest media in mobile after the two tabloid giants – and

The secret to our success?

How can Newsner reach that level with far fewer staff than the competition? The secret is creativity and data-driven optimisation. Since we have content analysation in our blood from our data-driven Native Advertising product, it has been natural for us to treat our editorial Newsner content in the same way; always analyse the data from what we do and never be afraid to re-evaluate the way we work and try new things.

Why did we do it?

The reason we created the site was to prove to our clients that we know how to do native advertising on social media, but now it has opened doors to add more advertising products to our portfolio such as Branded Content, either on the site or hosted on Facebook, but pushed through our several Facebook pages with millions of followers from all parts of the world.

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