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A long-awaited feature is back in Meta Ads Manager

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Once again it will now be possible to see purchases filtered by attribution settings and popular breakdowns like age and location.
According to information N365 has received, these updates will take effect shortly.

When Apple launched the iOS 14 changes, which, among other things, meant advertisers need to verify their domain and rank their conversion events with Meta, the attribution windows also changed.  What that means is how many days after a click or impression a conversion is attributed to an ad in Meta.

Before IOS 14, it was possible to see conversions 1 day, 7 days and 28 days post click and the same for impression. But when the changes came into effect, the advertiser could only choose a single window and not separate, for example, post click from post view.

But the information that has been shared with N365 shows this function will return to Ads Manager from the end of October and can be found under columns in the dashboard.

“It feels very good. We have been keen to get the attribution settings back as it gives us significantly better optimization opportunities. Now we can report the purchases in several ways and see which ads primarily drive purchases post clicks, impressions or both,” says Jimmie Larsson, Product owner Meta at N365.

“This will give us even more insight into and knowledge of the campaigns, which hopefully helps to further improve the results for our customers,” Larsson continues to say.

Advertisers will in the future be able to compare purchases made within one day of viewing and 1, 7 or 28 days after click. But that’s not all. It will also once again be possible to see the results broken down by eight different parameter: age, gender, age and gender, country, display device, ad platform, platform and device and location.

“We really wanted to bring back this breakdown, which is much appreciated and often requested by customers. Gaining more insight into where the conversions come from and which visitors also take action from the content contributes a lot both to the optimization and the analysis. With the breakdowns, it becomes clearer to see directly in Ads Manager, among other things, which age group generates purchases or whether it is Instagram or the classic Facebook feed that is best for a conversion-driven advertiser,” says Jimmie Larsson.

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The features that are back in Ads Manager:

Attribution window: Possibility to compare purchases and other conversion events sorted by 1 day, 7 days and 28 days post click and 1 day post view.

Breakdowns: See purchases and other conversion events sorted by age, gender, age and gender, country, display device, ad platform, platform and device, and placement.