How a new Spotify campaign boosted Heureka’s marketing performance: “Results surprised us”

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Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service, offers intriguing marketing opportunities that many companies often overlook. N365, in collaboration with Heureka, a renowned science center in Vantaa, Finland, implemented an audio campaign aimed at increasing the sales of gift cards during the Christmas season.

While radio advertising is traditionally associated with audio marketing, Spotify presents unique elements for enhancing audio advertising campaigns. Heureka, known for its innovative marketing strategies, embraced the idea of exploring new audio ad solutions on Spotify introduced by N365.

Vesa Kuokkala, Head of Marketing, Sales, and Research at Heureka, expressed interest in Spotify’s advanced targeting capabilities and tracking features:

“Marketing on Spotify was yet another experiment for us. We were particularly drawn to its better targeting opportunities and tracking.”

Compared to radio advertising, Spotify offers advantages in ad targeting, data collection, and content optimization, along with the ability to direct traffic from ads directly to the landing page. Additionally, Spotify’s extensive reach facilitates direct conversions, sparking increased interest among companies in leveraging the streaming service for marketing purposes.

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Fuelled by curiosity and the quest for new opportunities, N365 and Heureka embarked on a Spotify marketing campaign during the Christmas season. The strategic objective was to boost the sale of Heureka’s vouchers while gaining valuable insights for future endeavors.

Campaign goals, target groups, and schedules were meticulously planned in collaborative meetings. N365, in coordination with Spotify representatives, crafted a comprehensive plan for implementation in December 2023.

The campaign quickly demonstrated its potential within the first few weeks. The captivating audio content resonated with the target audience, resulting in exceptionally high click-through rates (CTR) and a noticeable increase in voucher sales.

Vesa Kuokkala expressed pleasant surprise at the campaign’s success: “We had our expectations, but the results still pleasantly surprised us. N365 effectively drove significant traffic from ads to our website, thereby boosting voucher sales.”

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Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager, N365 Finland

Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager, N365 Finland

Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager of N365 Finland, reflected on the campaign’s success and the value of exploring new avenues: “Spotify emerged as a promising channel during discussions about the client’s marketing strategy and needs. The success of the campaign underscores the importance of embracing new initiatives for better outcomes.”

The Spotify campaign complemented Heureka’s existing marketing efforts and delivered outstanding results. The collaboration with N365 was characterized by smooth communication and proactive planning, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

“Working with N365 has been seamless, with active communication throughout the campaign. Together, we identified top-performing content and tailored campaign structures to suit our needs,” shared Vesa Kuokkala of Heureka.

Juhani Jahnukainen of N365 eagerly anticipates future marketing endeavors: “Heureka continually offers visitors new and intriguing experiences. In marketing, as in life, curiosity paves the way for new opportunities.”

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