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Q5 – The Remarkable Advertising Quarter Often Overlooked: “24% Decrease in CPA”

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While the fact that a year comprises four quarters might not surprise many, in the digital advertising realm, there exists another exceptional quarter – the miniature Q5. It’s a period when savvy advertisers can achieve phenomenal results.

Q5, spanning from Christmas through January, stands out as a time when numerous advertisers reduce their presence on social media. A strategy that is somewhat counterintuitive. During this time, many of us indulge in holiday breaks, dedicating ample time to social platforms. In other words, it’s a prime opportunity for advertisers who previously might have focused intensely on Black Week and the time leading up to Christmas.

“Q5 typically translates to reduced competition, lower CPM rates, and better CPA compared to the rest of the year. For instance, one of our clients witnessed an 18% decrease in CPM and a striking 24% drop in CPA during Q5 last year compared to fourth-quarter figures,” notes Jimmie Larsson, N365’s Product Owner for Meta.

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Madeleine Brolin, Product Owner TikTok

Madeleine Brolin, Product Owner TikTok

N365 operates across nearly all social media channels, and the trend isn’t unique to Meta’s network. On TikTok, for instance, there was a noteworthy 29% decrease in CPM for conversions during Q5 compared to Q4, with a 24% reduction in CPA for conversion events like “View content,” “Add to cart,” & “Complete Payment” during the same period. (Source)

“Engagement on TikTok peaks during Q5. Many of us take the opportunity to unwind on our sofas during the holidays, often finding ourselves scrolling through feeds. We always advise our partners to maintain a robust presence during this period to potentially further enhance their ROI,” suggests Madeleine Brolin, N365’s Product Owner for TikTok.

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