The rise of CTV: Here’s why every marketeer should have a CTV advertising strategy

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CTV has proven to be one of the fastest growing channels in digital advertising. The performance-driven content agency N365 helps brands get the highest possible return on ad investments across every channel and format, including CTV.

With the rise of streaming services, more and more people turn to their internet-connected devices to watch their favorite shows and movies. This has opened up a new world of opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences.

We’ve asked the Head of Programmatic at N365, Pierre Wingren, about the possibilities with CTV and how it can fit into advertisers’ digital strategy:

Pierre Wingren.

What is CTV?

“Connected TV. This is simply an internet-connected TV (for example a smart TV), but also refers to Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming consoles and so on. CTV advertising refers to video advertising for TVs with the ability to connect to the Internet, unlike advertising via traditional linear TV broadcasts.”

What possibilities are there?

“First of all, it gives you the possibility to show your brand on the big TV screen. Just like traditional linear TV, this is often seen by more than one person at a time since a lot of people watch TV together.

CTV advertising is managed programmatically, which enables many targeting and scaling possibilities. For instance, there you can optimize towards the lowest possible contact cost or cost per completed view. Compared to traditional direct booking with one broadcaster or media house, this is way more effective.”

What are the advantages for advertisers?

“Some of the biggest advantages are the following:

  • Opportunities to reach a target group that doesn’t watch traditional linear TV – but also to boost the impact with the target group that watches both linear and connected TV.
  • No minimum investments, but rather complete flexibility with budgets.
  • Activation of TV advertising during specific periods, days and times.
  • Being able to show ads to a specific geographic area.
  • Advertising on selected channels and in selected contexts.
  • You pay market prices as programmatic trading determines what an impression is worth – but we can help you negotiate specific deals.
  • Possibilities to control the frequency and thus process the target group to the desired extent.
  • National linear TV is usually something for big advertisers. Partly because of the massive investment, but also because it might not even be relevant to reach ‘the total population of Sweden’. Advertisers may want to reach 10-15 percent of the population, and this can be done effectively through CTV.”

Which target groups can you reach?

“Well, anyone who watches CTV really. Generally speaking, the target group is somewhat younger than linear TV. But depending on your choice of channel and contextual targeting, you can reach anyone who watches CTV.”

How can N365 help with a CTV advertising strategy? 

“As an independent and international agency, we can promote your brand worldwide in all available channels and services. We make a recommendation based on campaign goals and budget. It can be about only appearing on one or two specific channels, or using the entire available network in each market. Since its founding, N365 has worked as a data-driven agency, with an award-winning optimization process. Even in a CTV campaign, we can constantly optimize towards relevant KPIs, for example CPCV (Cost Per Completed View).”

Contact Pierre Wingren here if you wish to know more about how N365 can help with a CTV strategy: [email protected].