How N365 helps clients grow their business through data-driven content marketing

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Since N365 was founded in 2011, they’ve helped thousands of clients in different fields grow their business through data-driven content marketing. “Our mindset and way of working has proven to still be successful and appreciated by clients,” says Björn Forsgren, CEO at N365. 

N365 was founded in 2011 with a single objective in mind – to create native advertising campaigns based on data-driven optimization. The concept proved to be successful.

N365 quickly grew in Sweden and gained a reputation for creating both efficient campaigns and happy clients. The international expansion began in 2016, and today they are one of Europe’s largest performance driven content agencies. Established in the UK back in 2016, they set their roots in London with a dedicated office and have been actively running campaigns ever since.

N365 offers a wide selection of content concepts in every format, from print and radio to programmatic, social media and video.

“A lot has developed over the years, but we still maintain the same mindset: to get the best possible results through creative minds and data-driven optimization,” says Björn Forsgren.

N365’s data-driven approach, where content and media are optimized in conjunction with each other, has proven to generate value for clients by providing an effective return on their media investment.

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