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A/B-testing of different offers and promotions, ongoing optimization

A football stadium seen from above. Two mobile phones including ad content from Grosvenor Sport in The Mirror online.

Grosvenor Sports - A Euro 2020 success story


To drive new customers at a low CPA across a one-month campaign spanning the duration of Euro 2020. We were tasked with ensuring the client cut through during a competitive time for sports betting brands.


After initially testing content on our own native site, we then partnered with Reach PLC to run adverts on their Facebook pages. Our unique relationship allowed us to manage all media buying and optimisation of the campaigns.

We ran multiple posts throughout the tournament and were able to deliver consistent FTDs well below the client’s CPA target.

These results were driven while testing a number of different offers and promotions,

2,484 FTDs - 3,187 Regs - 78% Reg > FTD - 57,164 Clicks - 0.61% Ad CTRDo you want to increase your results too? Get in touch with us directly; we’ve been generating low CPA levels for our clients for over ten years.

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