After the pandemic: Travel industry clients return to N365

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As the pandemic subsides, travel companies are increasing their media spend – something that is noticeable at content agency N365. “It is great to see travel advertisers accelerating again,” says Maria Ekman, managing editor at N365.

There is no doubt that the travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel companies and airlines have had to pause major advertising campaigns and shrink their market budgets significantly.

But as the pandemic subsides, there is light at the end of the tunnel, leading many industry insiders to predicting the travel increase of the century post-pandemic. The recovery has already begun, which is noticeable through increased marketing budgets.

“It is great to see travel advertises accelerating again! We have some fantastic collaborations live in Sweden right now. For example, we do both newsletters and advertising campaigns on Facebook for the German Tourist Office, with the aim of increasing the interest in Germany as a tourist destination,” says Maria Ekman.

Maria Ekman, managing editor at N365.

Maria Ekman, managing editor at N365.

“We recently did a collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Office where the purpose was to increase the number of likes on their Facebook page. And we have created the layout and text for print ads published in Vagabond travel magazine for Lithuania Travel,” Ekman continues.

In Denmark, N365 has recently launched a collaboration with Tourism Seychelles, to promote their wonderful nation through a magazine-style content universe. As the travel-hungry people of Denmark are now planning their upcoming vacations, the great timing of the campaign has led these articles about the Seychelles to become extremely popular.

N365’s experience in generating maximum effect within the tourism and travel industry has increased rapidly in recent years, attracting clients and tourism boards from all around the world. N365 has experience running campaigns in the Nordic countries as well as internationally.

“We have had good collaborations with several companies in this sector, including SAS, Visit Norway, Visit Britain, Secret Escapes and several tourism boards,” says Maria Ekman.

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