Allente’s Head of Marketing about the collaboration with N365: “Perceptive and genuinely interested”

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In autumn 2021, content agency N365 and TV distributor Allente began a collaboration with the purpose to generate new subscribers for tv- and streaming service Allente.
“My experience is that we have an excellent collaboration, with clarity in what we can expect from N365 as a partner,” says Teresa Hedlund, Head of Marketing at Allente.

Allente was founded in May 2020 following the merger of Canal Digital and Viasat Consumer. They offer high-quality TV solutions via satellite and fiber to customers in the Nordics. Through the merger, Allente wants to maintain a strong market position and build a clear brand in the Nordics.

“We need to increase awareness of our services by putting the Allente brand in context. Our primary goal when we were looking for a digital agency was to increase conversions via social media, something that N365 really succeeded to do,” says Teresa Hedlund.

Together with Allente, N365 set up a marketing strategy to generate new subscribers for their tv- and streaming service. The strategy, where content production and media distribution were created in conjunction with each other, aimed to provide an effective ROI and measurable results.

N365 produced a campaign site with articles focused on Allente’s services and offerings. The articles were distributed through paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

“We are keen to try many kinds of content angles in our campaigns. Allente’s services gave us good opportunities to do this as their supply is very wide, offering customers different combinations of tv-packages and streaming services. This means we were able to produce many articles with different content approach, which resulted in high engagement on most of them. It was satisfying to see that our optimisation process improved the results on a week-by-week basis and that we, in the end, could live up to the targets of the campaign”, says Cornelis Rikken, editor at N365.

A large part of N365’s job was to analyze articles and ads based on data from Ads Manager and Google Analytics. The campaign was optimized in real time based on these learnings.

“I feel that we have a good collaboration with clarity in what we can expect from N365 as a media channel and good follow-up on all activities, with weekly reports with statistics and analysis. N365 were perceptive and genuinely interested in Allente and our services. They quickly found the right feeling and tonality in articles and ads,” says Teresa Hedlund.

The campaign lived up to their expectations of a digital partner as well as their KPIs, Hedlund claims.

“We have together created relevant content that has driven traffic, positive reading time and conversions in digital channels. Consumers have chosen to spend several minutes with our brand. From this collaboration, we have learned how to produce relevant content in short formats and how to work with social native advertising to reach our KPIs,” says Teresa Hedlund.

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Cornelis Rikken, Editor N365 (in the picture above)
Riad Lindholm, Client Manager N365
Teresa Hedlund, Head of Marketing Allente (in the picture above)
Sofie Olsson, Performance Marketing Manager Allente

Cornelis Rikken, editor, and Riad Lindholm, client manager.