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Diana Bude on the secrets to successful marketing in the iGaming industry

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To become a successful business in the iGaming industry, you need to have a clear strategy on how to stand out from your competitors, says Diana Bude, International Sales Director at N365.
“Many marketers in the industry miss out on the opportunity to combine content creation with a data-driven strategy.”

When N365 was founded in 2011, it was with one single objective in mind – to create native advertising campaigns based on data-driven optimization. The concept proved to be successful, not least for actors in the iGaming industry.

“Since our product is very driven by generating measurable results, it quickly became attractive in the iGaming business. Throughout the years we have focused a lot on expanding our offer to be able to fit many iGaming companies need of running campaigns on several markets. This works well with the scalability of our product as well,” Diana Bude says.

Bude has been a part of the N365 journey since 2014, and has played a crucial part in the international expansion. Today, N365 is one of the leading global content agencies within performance marketing, running iGaming campaigns in regulated markets like Sweden, Denmark, UK, Australia, Spain and the US. They also run campaigns in Poland, Germany, Canada and Romania.

“When collaborating with iGaming companies on many markets, compliancy is key. We always make sure to stay up-to-date on local regulations and advertising guidelines in licensed gaming markets,” Bude explains.

N365’s expertise was recognized with a nomination in Native Advertising Awards 2021, the global award with agencies participating from all over the world. The shortlisted project in the category “Best use of Facebook” was a collaboration with Lottoland. On a single day in April 2020, N365 managed to generate more than 11,000 First Deposits (new paying customers) post-click, in the UK, in no more than just 12 hours of being live.

“Lottery is a very competitive market, and it can be hard to stand out. These results were truly mind-blowing! We managed to find the perfect content at the perfect timing, with the perfect distribution. And frankly, that’s what succeeding in digital marketing is all about,” Bude says.

What’s your best tip to iGaming marketers?

“In this uber-competitive industry, it’s all about making sure to use the data fully and optimizing every single penny spent. What many iGaming marketers miss out on is the opportunity to combine content creation with a data-driven strategy,” Bude says, and continues:

“With these two linked together, iGaming companies can create smarter campaigns with a deliberate experience for the user. This is how every iGaming company should work to set themselves aside from competitors.”

Want to know more about how N365 work within the iGaming industry? We’d be happy to schedule a video call or grab coffee! Reach out to Diana Bude: +46 (0)73 370 13 37 [email protected].