Meet Alex and Kimberley – our newest additions to N365!

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We’re very happy to have these two talents strengthening our UK Office as Native Editors. Why did they choose to work at N365? And how do they preferably spend time off work? Get to know these superstars below! 👇🏿

👋🏻 Welcome to N365! Tell us why you’ve chosen to come work with us?

Alex: Thank you! I was attracted by the opportunity to expand my skillset in a fun yet ambitious environment. With a background in football writing and general marketing, I felt I had reached a low ceiling in my early career and decided I needed a fresh challenge. When I learned of N365’s data-driven approach to content and campaigns, it represented a tremendous opportunity to expand my skills as a writer, but also to enter the world of data and to add an exciting new string to my bow!

Kimberley: Hello! I’m really excited about working with N365. I was really drawn to the company for a number of reasons. One of the biggest was the international element and being able to work with people all over the world. I also loved the value of humility and always being willing to try new things and keep an open-mind – I think that’s really important both in and out of work! The company culture was also a huge draw for me as they value respect, support and having fun! 🙏🏽  I can’t wait to get started.

What do you look forward to the most? 

Alex: The learning! I’m still at an early stage in my career, so the opportunity to specialise in different skills and aspects of performance marketing is something I’m excited to get my teeth stuck into. It’s also my first in-office role, so aside from work itself I’m excited to gel with my colleagues in a refreshing environment.

Kimberley: Trying new things in my career and really learning and refining those skills – but also knowing that there’s always room to get better, which I know N365 will always encourage and support! I’m also excited to meet and work with more people in N365 all around the world 🌎

What is your perception of N365 so far? 

Alex: I’m blissfully aware that it’s a cliché, but even just a few days in I’m already beginning to feel like the UK office is a second family. From a cultural standpoint, N365 clearly promotes a fun, collaborative and demanding environment that gets the best out of me, and I can’t wait to grow within the company 😃  Everyone I’ve dealt with has been enthusiastic and supportive, and with such a wealth of experience and expertise within N365 I can tell I’ll learn plenty while working here!

Kimberley: There’s a huge emphasis on having fun at work, which I love. There’s no point in doing a job you don’t enjoy, and N365 is all about supporting their employees to keep things fun and fresh. And chances are, you’ll do a much better job when you’re enjoying yourself anyway!

Where can we find you on a Sunday at 11am? 

Alex: I’m pretty sure it’s unprofessional to say ‘recovering from Saturday’, but rest assured my Sundays are more varied than that! In all seriousness, my typical Sunday mornings take one of two directions. If I’m free, then I prioritise stillness and having a relaxed Sunday, so I’ll be going for a late morning run, journaling or reading.

However, I’m (unfortunately) an avid football fan, so if there’s a game kicking off on the Sunday afternoon then you’ll already find me on the train into London to catch up with close friends and experience the match!

Kimberley: It really depends on how productive I’m feeling, it can be one extreme or the other! Sometimes I’ll be going on a run or hitting the gym, other times I’ll be 2 hours into a Netflix day and plenty of chocolate! 😄

How do you preferably spend your time off work?

Alex: I enjoy sports blogging in my free time, managing a blog and social media network called ‘The Palace Way’. Consider me a sports fanatic! Also, I regularly run – healthy body, healthy mind!  

Kimberley: I love writing both in and out of work. I particularly enjoy scriptwriting and have written and directed several plays. I took one of my plays to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year and it was met with several 4 star reviews! I’m taking another play to the festival this year too. I also love songwriting, I play the piano and the guitar so I’m always happy with a karaoke singalong!