N365 behind the German Tourist Office’s first digital advent calendar in Sweden: “Results far exceed expectations”

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German Tourist Office's first digital advent calendar in Sweden

Just in time for December, the German Tourist Office launched its first-ever digital advent calendar for the Swedish market. N365 stands behind the production, content, and distribution.
“We’re extremely pleased with the final result, and especially want to highlight how quick-witted and solution-oriented N365 has been throughout the project”, says Iris Müller, Senior Marketing Manager at the German National Tourist Office.

The partnership between the German Tourist Office and N365 stretches back several years. 2023, for instance, involved close collaboration on the “Top of Germany” campaign, focusing on showcasing and communicating about regions and cities in northern Germany. During the latter half of this year, the idea to add another campaign in time for Christmas emerged.

“We had been considering an advent calendar for some time but lacked the internal resources to bring such a project to fruition. An important aspect was including our partners in the calendar, which required numerous points of contact and a substantial amount of material to manage. However, it quickly became evident that N365 could assist us”, says Iris Müller.

Once the framework was set, which crucially included adapting and reworking large amounts of content into a limited space within each calendar door, the entire process from idea to finished product took no more than four weeks.

Jennifer Jaans, Editor, N365

Jennifer Jaans, Editor, N365

“At N365, we don’t shy away from a new channel, a new concept, or a complex product. On the contrary, we love being challenged and learning new things. The collaboration with the German Tourist Office goes way back and is one of our most valued partnerships internally. So, when the idea of an advent calendar arose, we engaged on all fronts”, says Jennifer Jaans, Editor at N365 in Stockholm.

The completed advent calendar logically features 24 doors, offering readings about, among other things, St. Nicholas, recipes for marzipan cakes, and discounts on train travel in Germany. Readers also have the opportunity to participate in several contests, including prizes such as a three-course dinner at one of Leipzig’s historic restaurants.

“The final result far exceeded our expectations. The doors are very diverse, containing text, images, video, and audio. The reception has also been even better than we anticipated, with strong interaction rates and a significant number of contest entries even before the campaign concluded”, says Matthias Hoffmann, Project manager at the German National Tourist Office.

Open today’s door and discover more about Germany in the advent calendar here!

Iris Müller, Senior Marketing Manager, German National Tourist Office
Matthias Hoffmann, Project manager marketing and media, German National Tourist Office
Sara Ohlsén, Sales Manager, N365
Lydia Staf, Managing editor, N365
Jennifer Jaans, Editor, N365
Emilia Rosengård, Video editor, N365

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