N365 prepares clients for the impact of iOS14: “We are happy to help with our Facebook expertise”

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In the early spring of 2021, Apple is launching their iOS14 update, which will affect the ability to measure campaign results on Facebook’s platforms. The content agency N365 is a Facebook marketing specialist and has already helped many clients prepare for these changes.
– As an advertiser, it can be tricky to keep up with all the new updates on what needs to be done. That’s why we are happy to help with our expertise, says Jimmie Larsson, project manager and editor at N365.

In July 2020, Apple announced some changes to the iOS14 update that will affect how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from tools like the Facebook Pixel. App users (all mobile iOS traffic) will be able to approve or decline whether they want more detailed data to be shared with Facebook and other third parties. When people opt out of tracking, performance reporting will be restricted. Since a significant proportion of ad impressions in apps and on websites take place on Apple devices, it is important to prepare in the right way to ensure the best measuring possible for the future.

N365 has 10 years of experience in marketing on Facebook platforms. N365 has daily contact with Facebook regarding campaign planning, recommendations and now also Apple’s iOS14 update.

They have already helped all their clients get ready for the changes the iOS14 update is bringing to advertisers on Facebook’s platforms.
­­– It’s a great advantage that we have such a close dialogue with Facebook about the steps our customers need to take. Many clients find this is a sense of security, says Jimmie Larsson.

At this time, it’s important that you have verified your domain and configured your conversion events – a maximum of eight events per domain will be allowed going forward. Also, make sure to compare the results in different conversion windows, because after these changes come into force, 7-day post click will be the new attribution standard.
– Facebook continuously rolls out information about what needs to be done so that advertisers can continue to deliver and measure their results in the best way. But as an advertiser, it can be tricky to keep up with all the updates. That’s why we are happy to help with our expertise, says Jimmie Larsson.

If you don’t take action, it could mean you won’t see any results from Apple users that haven’t opted-in measured, or campaigns may stop spending.

Apple’s iOS14 update will come into force in the early spring of 2021. If you have questions or need help preparing for the changes, contact Jimmie Larsson or or put in your details via our contact page and someone will reach out to you.
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