The power of Snapchat as a marketing channel: “Has exceeded our expectations”

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Snapchat has proven to be an effective channel for several N365 clients. Some of the best results can be found in campaigns running in Finland.
“Finnish users are the most active Snapchat users in the Nordic countries. This has been reflected in our Snapchat campaigns, with results that have exceeded our expectations in several cases,” says Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager of N365 Finland.

Fast-paced and visually diverse, Snapchat is a constantly growing and developing social platform, with more than 306 million active users every day.

Snapchat has traditionally been identified as an application preferred by younger people. However, the age distribution has changed over the years. Teenagers and young adults are still a significant user group, but the 35+ demographic has grown into the largest user group in the Nordic countries.

2022 involves many interesting opportunities
N365 has implemented Snapchat advertising for dozens of companies in the Nordic countries. Due to the versatility of the application and constantly evolving user base, companies from many industries have managed to streamline their marketing by using Snapchat.

“It has been great to see how our partners have open-mindedly experimented with a previously unknown channel. In many cases, the results have exceeded the expectations of both us and our partners,” says Juhani Jahnukainen.

N365 and Snapchat have a close collaboration in all market areas. This allows the rapid introduction of new ad formats once they are launched. 2022 involves many interesting opportunities.

“Our strength has always been being a global organization where learnings are shared across national borders. 2022 will be very interesting, as we are aware of many innovations and solutions that will take our partner’s advertising to a new level,” says Juhani Jahnukainen.

Snapchat offers new forms of advertising
As the number of users on Snapchat is constantly growing, the ad formats of the application are also evolving. Gaming in advertising is a topic that has recently come up when discussing new marketing trends. From this perspective Snapchat offers a wide range of options alongside traditional video and image ads.

For example, filters and lenses tailored for the advertiser offer a completely new way to both engage the customer and promote the brand. Snapchat uses a smart phone camera in its ad formats, which creates a unique experience for the user as a part of the advertised brand.

If you want to know more about how we can help you get ROI on your media investments on Snapchat, reach out to Juhani: +358 (0)45 672 33 34, [email protected].