Welcome back Jim Forsgren – new Country Manager UK

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We are so happy to welcome back Jim Forsgren to N365! After a year as Digital Marketing Specialist at our sister company Appelberg he comes back to N365, taking on the role as Country Manager UK 🚀. Get to know this golf-enthusiast from Umeå below! 👇🏻

When did your journey at N365 begin?

I actually started as a freelance writer for Newsner back in 2014, I think (which @Cristian Ström, publisher at Newsner, never hesitates to remind me about). I was still in university back then but got the opportunity to write some articles alongside my studies.

My “real” N365 journey started in the summer of 2015 when I left the northern part of Sweden to work as a native advertising editor in Stockholm over the summer. Of course, I was hooked from the start and once I had finished my studies (and after a bit of persuasion of my fiancé) I came back to Stockholm and N365 in 2017.

Tell us about your new role as country manager UK!

It’s obviously a super exciting role, especially for me as it’s been a long-term dream to work abroad. Back when I started, the company was in quite a hefty growing phase, with offices opening in four new markets just about a year before, so to be completely honest, I’ve had my eyes on this for quite a while.

We’re aiming to grow our business in the UK quite a lot in the upcoming years, which makes this role even more exciting. The market is obviously enormous so the scalability is there – as we’ve seen before – as of right now we just need to build a strong team (both within sales and editorial) that can sell and deliver our fantastic products for our beloved clients.

What makes working at N365 so fulfilling?

The people! We have experts in most areas of marketing and no matter at which office that expertise might be, we collaborate and help each other. We also have a lot of fun and even how cheesy it might sound, N365 is pretty much a second family.

Give us a content marketing trend everyone needs to know for 2022!

It might be a trend for 2020 and 2021, but TikTok is still a platform that’s growing at fast pace. We’ve been running campaigns there for clients throughout 2021, but it’s obvious that the demand is getting higher. More and more clients are asking about it, just as much as we’re recommending it.

I also hope that 2022 will be the year in which marketeers realize that native advertising is not to be seen as solely a branding activity. For N365, native has always been seen as a performance marketing activity – it just needs to be used in the right way. Of course, some people (especially our clients) already share this view on native advertising, but it’s faaaaar from everyone!

Wish to know more about what we do for our clients in the UK? Reach out to Jim directly! [email protected], +46 70 555 55 49