Here’s why Airtours chose N365 as a digital marketing partner

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In a pitch, Airtours chose N365 as a partner for all digital marketing. The agency best responded to Airtours’ challenge to create synergy between digital channels.
“N365 are perceptive, agile and easy to work with,” says Rasmus Sjöberg, CMO at Airtours.

Airtours is Sweden’s fourth largest tour operator, specializing in city trips and package holidays to the Mediterranean. Every year, around 130,000 travelers travel with Airtours and they are the market leader in Sweden for city trips.

When Airtours was looking for a new digital marketing partner, they searched for an agency with a full-service offering across all digital channels. Several agencies presented their strategies to the client. The choice fell on N365.

“Our challenge has been to create synergy between our digital channels – previously they existed in silos. N365 presented a proposal where all channels cooperate with each other, both in terms of content and distribution, which was completely in line with how we want to communicate,” says Rasmus Sjöberg, and continues:

“In addition, we were hooked on N365’s native advertising offer. We have tried native in the past with other players, but felt that the arrangement was not sufficiently cost-effective. We liked N365’s data-driven approach, as well as their ability to produce and distribute native cost-effectively.”

Since N365 was started in 2011, they have helped thousands of clients in various industries grow their business through data-driven content marketing. Their expertise lies primarily in native advertising, but as demand has increased, N365 has developed its offering into a full-service model. One of N365’s biggest collaborations this year is together with Airtours.

“We are very proud and happy about the collaboration with Airtours. This is a dream client for us, as we are trusted to both plan, produce and distribute content as a full-service partner,” says Julia Lundgren, Client Manager at N365.

Together with the client, N365 created a customized digital marketing strategy for both branding and conversion activities. The strategy consisted of native advertising and display in social channels, Google Ads and programmatic advertising. N365 is responsible for both strategy, production and distribution in all channels.

The collaboration began in the spring of 2022 and continues until further notice.

Rasmus Sjöberg, CMO Airtours
Richard Johansson, Sales & Marketing Director Airtours
Julia Lundgren, Client Manager N365
Jesper Lindqvist, Editor N365
Madeleine Brolin, Editor N365
Jennifer Hellström, Editor N365
Isabelle von der Groeben, Programmatic Campaign Manager N365
Gustav Parment, Head of Production N365
Pierre Wingren, Head of Programmatic N365