N365 generated 142 272 first deposits in 2021

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142 272. This is the number of first deposits that N365 generated for gaming companies on Meta in 2021.
“This is indeed a staggering number! It shows that our hard work to achieve measurable results really makes a difference for these very performance driven clients,” says Diana Bude, International Sales Director at N365.

When N365 was founded in 2011, it was with one single objective in mind – to create native advertising campaigns based on data-driven optimization. The concept proved to be successful, not least for actors in the gaming industry.

In 2021, N365’s global advertising campaigns generated 142 272 first deposits* within casino, lottery and sportsbook on Meta Platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger).

“Our product is close to tailor-made for gaming companies’ marketing goals of generating measurable results and ROI, which makes it, in most cases, super effective for them. This breathtaking number of first deposits is an acknowledgement of what a difference we make for these companies,” says Diana Bude.

Despite the impacts of Apple’s iOS changes, she highlights the importance of having a presence with your brand on Meta Platforms.

“We can see that Meta continues to be a very effective platform for creating conversions, in most cases more effective than any other digital platform. This doesn’t just apply to gaming companies, but to clients in many different industries,” Bude says.

In order to succeed with performance marketing on Meta in a post iOS-14 world, you need to secure a direct and reliable connection between your company’s marketing data and Facebook. As highlighted by Jimmie Larsson, product owner Meta at N365.

“The Meta pixel is a highly valuable tool for tracking business data. Unfortunately, its effectiveness has declined, especially after the iOS 14-update. Instead, the conversions API will maximize your chances of registering conversions, because it doesn’t rely on cookies. Companies should look into this as fast as possible, and we’re happy to help with implementation via our gateway,” Jimmie Larsson explains.

N365 is one of the leading global content agencies within performance marketing, with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Berlin and New York. They run gaming campaigns in regulated markets like Sweden, Denmark, UK, Australia, Spain and the US. They also run gaming campaigns in Poland, Germany, Canada and Romania.

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*All campaigns have different attribution windows on Facebook. The data refers to the chosen attribution window for each campaign, for instance Facebook standard attribution 7 days click and 1 day view, or attribution 1 day click etc.

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