N365 goes NYC – Jakob Norrman about the scale-up

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N365 is finally on site in the Big Apple! Jakob Norrman alongside with Jessica Berman, Matilda Ekloev and Megan Hein form the N365 team in the US. We’ve asked country manager Jakob about N365’s plans in the US – read all about it below!

Hey Jakob! You’ve recently moved to New York to take N365’s business to the next level. Can you tell us about the plans for the US?

It’s been a long time coming, especially since we’ve had campaigns running in North America since 2017. Like our other markets, we started out from distance with clients needing our help in new countries. But as we’ve seen in other markets, we need that local presence to really escalate, grow and adjust the business.

So far, a lot of the focus has been building the team and a closer relationship with our clients. So, I’m thrilled to have them all onboard. Everyone seems as excited as I am, and with support from Beatrice Trodden and Diana Bude from Sweden as well, I’m sure there’s nothing but success around the corner for this team!

What will be your main focus as Country Manager throughout the year?

Learn the market, find new clients, adjust and grow our own and the client’s business. We already know how well our product works throughout the world, but there’s always small tweaks and adjustments that keeps it evolving and making it better when getting local.

Our concept doesn’t work without the people as well, so I’m very excited in sharing my knowledge with our local staff and to our clients. Our way of working is very different to most other results driven agencies, and when our clients try us out and realize how well it works, it is always rewarding.

US as a market is huge and we have seen how well our product adjusts to bigger markets from our experience in UK. It’s obvious that our product is great to help our clients escalate and grow in a profitable way. This is something we’ve already seen here with clients starting out in one state and quickly adding more states after proven results.

Pros and cons with moving to NYC?

The best thing so far is probably the people, the surroundings, the weather and being able to watch American sports live without missing any sleep! Not having our dog here is the worst part, but she would hate it. Also lovely grocery stores like ICA, Coop and similar. Who knew how expensive and hard it could be to find the groceries you want!

Can you reveal anything about N365’s plans for the future in the US?

I think something that’s exciting is the iGaming industry that’s very much in an era of expansion in the US and Canada. The market is looking to Europe and how to convert the audience which N365 have already done with great success for more than 10 years. I think our experience will play a big part with helping our partners grow.

Besides that, I’m really looking forward to finding new segments of clients to work with and show how results driven content can help business grow with profitability if done the right way!

If you want to know more about our scale-up in the US, or discuss how we can help you grow your business, don’t hesitate to contact Jakob right away! [email protected], +4676 170 57 72, +1 (646) 934 1858