N365 Group increases 888sport’s Facebook following by 900 % and expands video production for Euro 2020

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N365 and gaming company 888sport have been collaborating since the autumn of 2020, when 888sport sought a video production partner for their social channels. Since N365’s videos were launched on 888sport Sweden’s Facebook page, followers have increased by 900 percent. “We’re very happy to see that our content creates a measurable effect,” says Emilia Rosengård and Johan-Petter Bekken, video producers at N365.

888sport, one of the world’s most innovative and popular operators in online gaming, wanted a creative concept to be able to engage their target group on Facebook and increase the number of followers on their Facebook page. Together with 888sport, N365 developed the idea and concept for social media-adapted videos with a focus on soccer in particular.

In the videos you can hear the opinions of three soccer fans (Isak, Alexis and Christoffer) and discussions about hot talking points within the sport.

“We have taken a lot of inspiration from how we create engagement with videos for our publicist Newsner. The videos we produce for 888sport encourage interaction and are tailored to engage 888sport’s target group on Facebook,” says Emilia Rosengård.

When it comes to engagement, one of the most successful videos has been the recurring concept My Unpopular Opinion, where a controversial opinion in soccer is raised. For example, do you agree that a Nordic Super League should be started or that winning is not everything?

N365 handles casting, concept, script, recording and video production. The first video was rolled out in September 2020 and since then, approximately one video a week has been produced. The number of followers on 888sport Sweden’s Facebook page has increased by 900 percent during this period.

During the 2020 European Football Championship, 888sport has expanded the collaboration with more videos.

“In connection with the European Championships, we make infographics with fun facts about the different groups and selfie videos for the playoffs. We also produce the concept Get To Know Your Enemy, with a focus on each team that Sweden meets in the group games. We highlight fun facts, such as what food you eat when you watch soccer in the different countries,” says Johan-Petter Bekken.

If you want to know more about how N365 works with video production, fill in the form her and one of our specialists will reach out to you in short!

Watch Get To Know Your Enemy: Poland and all videos on 888sport’s Facebook page.