N365 launches first paid media campaign on TikTok – together with Lernia

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After a two-year collaboration with education platform Lernia, they have decided to further trust N365 with another paid media campaign. This time in what is for both companies an unexplored marketing channel: TikTok. It is the world’s leading platform for short-form mobile video.
“TikTok is already outperforming other channels,” says Victor Lagos, sales manager at N365.

The digital transformation over the last few decades has opened up new marketing channels for growth. When N365 started in 2011, they mainly produced print and digital native advertising campaigns in local and national press. Today, N365 works across all digital channels. Their expertise lies primarily within Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads and programmatic. In April 2021, N365 is adding another channel to their content distribution services: paid media distribution via TikTok’s ads manager.

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, with over 600 million active users.

“Obviously everyone knows TikTok by now as it has spread so widely last year. However, we can see that the competition on the platform is still low in Sweden and the Nordics, leading to better results than we see on other platforms. So I think there’s a huge opportunity for advertisers coming in early, both to use the fact that there’s low competition at the moment but also a long term advantage by building up their presence there early on,” says Victor Lagos.

The campaign with Lernia on TikTok is a part of rejuvenating the brand. The video content, created by N365’s video producers, is customized for the TikTok platform and produced to attract Lernia’s target group. The main KPI for the campaign is applications for vocational education.

“We have previously run successful campaigns with Lernia across a handful of digital channels. We are very happy and proud that Lernia trusts us with our expertise in creating content that converts in yet another digital channel,” says Victor Lagos, and continues:

“After only being live a short period of time the campaign has led to a significant number of new applications and TikTok is already outperforming other digital channels”.

If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors – reach out to Victor Lagos to learn more about how to create advertising strategies for TikTok.

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