N365 nominated for Mixx Awards in the category “Best Ad Technology”

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Together with the marketing platform Adform and the travel organizer Airtours, the content agency N365 is nominated for the IAB Sweden Mixx Awards for “Best Ad Technology”.
“We are, of course, both honored and proud. Hopefully, our case can serve as an eye-opener and inspiration for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and other professionals in digital marketing”, says Pierre Wingren, Head of Programmatic at N365.

During 2023, N365 managed the programmatic purchases for one of Sweden’s largest travel organizers, Airtours. An important part of the work was to find the right DSP to optimize the conditions for meeting the set KPIs, ensuring brand safety, and maximizing visibility.

After careful evaluation, the choice fell on Adform, which, in addition to checking all the boxes regarding KPIs, brand safety, and visibility, could also offer a sustainable frequency and tracking solution in the form of ID Fusion.

Pierre Wingren, Head of Programmatic

Pierre Wingren, Head of Programmatic

“Our campaign clearly illustrates the importance of implementing sustainable tracking solutions for everyone in the digital marketing industry at a time when third-party cookies are nearing the Internet graveyard”, says Pierre Wingren.

Thanks to ID Fusion, N365 could significantly optimize the campaigns to generate better results for Airtours. When N365 compared the conversion figures with and without the feature, the outcome was clear: without ID Fusion, almost 22% of conversions were missing post-impression and almost 24% post-click.

“Adform’s ad technology ID Fusion has been an extremely important part of our work and will continue to be so. Thanks to the technology, we can continue to deliver fantastic campaigns for our clients, even when the third-party cookie has checked into the Internet museum”, says Pierre Wingren.

About Mixx Awards and the category “Best Ad Technology”:

With a focus on creativity and effectiveness, teams and talents, creators, and brands that have taken interactive advertising to new levels are honored. Mixx Awards are presented in several countries, and the Swedish winners join an internationally recognized group.

Best Ad Technology has innovated and improved the digital marketing industry through technical solutions for advertisers, publishers, media agencies, users, or, for example, the environment.

The winners will be announced on April 24th.

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