Newsner to launch “Super Duper Billion Package” after getting 5.2 billion video views last year

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Newsner accumulated over 5.2 billion video views on Facebook last year. They’re now launching “Super Duper Billion Package” – a unique opportunity for advertisers who want to be seen the world over.

The company have their base in Sweden, but today operate in 15 markets across the globe. They recently analyzed video numbers from 2018 and the figures look impressive to say the least.

In total Newsner boasted 5.2 billion video views over the course of last year, as well as 4.2 billion minutes viewed – which equates to 8,000 years of viewing time.

“It’s difficult to digest such big numbers, but of course we’re very proud to have been able to reach so many people. We have a video team of real superstars, who work hard to create material that engages with millions of people,” says Christian Storm, head of publishing for Newsner.

The recipe for success has been a mixture of mini documentaries, animal-based films and in-house productions.

“We have enormous power in our network. If a video performs well in one market, by the next day we can already have it translated to 14 other languages, thus creating a huge effect globally,” says Christian Ström.

“Super Duper Billion Package”

To celebrate the incredible video success, Newsner has produced a special “Billion Package” offer. The package means that a customer can buy sponsorship for a Newsner video during the course of 2019, with a guaranteed return of a billion impressions for a great price.

“We see the “Billion Package” as a great way to utilize our enormous reach, but of course understand that it doesn’t suit everyone. That said, if there’s anyone out there who has global plans and wants huge exposure for a small cost, this is a perfect avenue.”

*All figures obtained from Facebook’s own system creators studio.

If your company is interested in finding out more about the “Billion Package”, contact Christian at Christian.Strö[email protected]