Oslo Skin Lab: “We have a superb sparring partner in N365”

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When Oslo Skin Lab in 2018 wanted to strengthen their marketing setup, they sought out an external partner who could help them towards their goals. They chose N365, who after starting at a single market, is now helping Oslo Skin Lab towards being every Scandinavian’s favorite collagen powder.

For Oslo Skin Lab, there was no doubt about their priorities when looking for a marketing agency: “When we choose business partners, it’s important for us to have a great amount of trust,” says Stephanie Irmov, Head of Commercial at Oslo Skin Lab.

When passing on the baton, it is essential that you can trust that everyone is working towards the same KPIs – and it’s especially important when you have dreams about becoming market-leading in your field.

A wild growth journey

N365 partnered up with Oslo Skin Lab in 2018, and since then, the partnership has picked up speed. The collaboration started in a single country and has since spread to markets such as Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

To begin with, Instagram was the only channel in the collaboration between Oslo Skin Lab and N365, but today the partnership has grown into much larger campaigns which has moved across Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok, and there is now a large number of well-known influencers involved in the collaboration.

“It’s pretty amazing for us to be part of such a wild growth journey as the one Stephanie and her team has been on during these last couple of years, and it’s been exciting to be part of scaling their company to such a great extent,” says Morten Maaetoft, who is a digital editor at N365 Denmark and handles the collaboration between N365 and Oslo Skin Lab.

“Our closest colleague at distance”

The cooperation between N365 has only gotten closer during the years, and that strengthens Oslo Skin Lab as a business:

“Our collaboration with N365 is incredibly personal and with close daily communication. We always have a very close dialogue with Morten, who is available every day with updates and adjustments for our campaigns. We usually say that Morten is our closest colleague at a distance, an extension of our internal team,” Stephanie says.

In addition to managing large parts of Oslo Skin Lab’s digital growth journey, N365 also challenges the standard they set internally at the collagen producer:

“The collaboration influences us to constantly explore new ways of thinking, testing and develop ourselves. We have a superb sparring partner in N365, which means that we can constantly keep up with the times trends and expand our business,” Stephanie says.

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