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The no-brainer quick fix many marketers are missing out on: Gives you 18% better results

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Make sure to customize your ads for each placement when advertising on Meta Platforms. It can result in an 18 percent lower CPA, according to N365.

According to marketing surveys, an average individual sees between 4 000 – 10 000 ads a day – but one can probably remember just a few. Overwhelmed by the immense flow of information, our brain screens out most of the ads and we only register under a hundred.

So, just launching an ad campaign is not enough. It’s crucial to launch it effectively! One of the keys to a successful ad campaign can be to develop a thorough approach to customized ads for each placement. Meta Platforms, with their many different placements, recommend advertisers to do this.

“We spend most of our clients’ media spend on the feed, but around 20 percent comes from other placements. That’s a lot of money every week,” says Jimmie Larsson, Product owner Meta at N365.

In Facebook Ads Manager, ads are automatically adapted for each placement, but it could be worth giving them some extra love and attention to make sure each ad is fully adapted for the right placement.

“We’ve always had a feeling that it works better when we truly adapt, but as we’re very results oriented, we wanted to have clear numbers on how much effect it actually has.”

N365 set up a test running for three months. It included 16 different ads that were customized to the three big ad groups: square, vertical and wide. Square formats are mostly used in feed, vertical in stories and the wide is featured in other placements like instant articles and the right column. For example, a vertical aspect ratio was used for ads in stories to grab peoples’ full attention.

Here are the results:

  • No particular improvement in CTR.
  • 35% more impressions on Instagram.
  • 24 % decrease in CPM.
  • 18 % lower CPA!

“This is a no-brainer – advertisers should always tailor-make and customize ads for different placements. It’s a quick fix and, as we’ve experienced, it can significantly boost effectiveness and lead to decreasing costs,” Jimmie Larsson says.

“It’s also time effective, as you don’t have to create a completely new ad for each placement. Ads manager allows you to adjust it to 16 different placements within the same ad.”

Meta has information on customizing ads her and her.

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