Why Nelex Beverage Chooses N365 as Its Agency: “Major Industry Knowledge”

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Nelex Beverage wanted to promote their product Happy Dog Cava and their initiative with Hundhjälpen (Dog Aid). They chose N365 as their agency. Since a successful native campaign, the collaboration has grown, with both video production and YouTube being added to the portfolio.
“We see a very positive trend thanks to the campaigns with N365,” says Pierre Karlsson Kambouris, CEO of Nelex Beverage.

The collaboration between Nelex Beverage and N365 began in February 2023. Nelex Beverage wanted to promote their product Happy Dog Cava, which donates 5 SEK to Hundhjälpen for every bottle sold. The goal was to increase sales and thereby contribute more to Hundhjälpen. So far, Happy Dog Cava has managed to raise a total of 721,450 SEK for Hundhjälpen.

“Our expectations of N365 as an agency have definitely matched the outcome! A big plus is the weekly reporting where we can constantly monitor the work and see what works well and what doesn’t. This makes it easy to adjust a campaign!”

What initially led Nelex Beverage to choose N365 as their agency was the company’s knowledge in the alcohol and marketing industry – which also was the main factor for prolonging and extending the collaboration.

“What sets N365 apart from other agencies is their knowledge of our industry. We see proactive efforts to stay updated on guidelines and regulations for communication and marketing within the alcohol industry.”

Since the start of the campaign, several products have been added to the portfolio. What began as a native campaign has now expanded to include video production, YouTube, and CTV.

“We have a good and professional partnership with N365, covering everything from deadlines to execution and production. They excel at creating attractive and relevant materials for ads and campaigns.”

He continues:

“We look forward to working with N365 in the future and consider them a strategic partner for us. We already have new campaigns in the works!”

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