How N365 helps clients grow their business through data-driven content marketing

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For over a decade N365 has helped thousands of clients in a wide variety of industries grow their business successfully through data-driven content marketing.

At N365 we build effective content marketing campaigns based on data driven optimizations that give our clients the results they want regardless of KPI.

Our data-driven approach, where content and media are optimized in conjunction with each other, has proven to generate value for clients by providing an effective return on their media investment.

What sets us apart is our dedication, attention to nitty-gritty details and data and ability to analyze and react quickly, taking immediate actions to continuously optimize and improve campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

Building a close partnership with our clients through detailed reporting and transparent communication is just as important. The best proof our method and philosophy work, is the fact that so many clients stay with us for over a year.

“Our mindset and way of working has proven to still be successful and appreciated by clients,” says Björn Forsgren, CEO at N365.

Since launching the company in Sweden, back in 2011, the N365 way of working has proved to be very successful, helping us grow quickly. Today we are spread across the globe with offices in all the Scandinavian capitals, London and New York. But we have run campaigns for our clients in many, many more countries.

We offer production, optimization and media buying.

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