5 reasons why advertising on TikTok will be your smartest move in 2022

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New to TikTok advertising? Our TikTok expert Madeleine Brolin gives her best reasons to advertise on the platform.

1. Affordable CPM-prices
The competition among advertisers is still low compared to other more established platforms, leading to lower CPM-prices. Therefore, I think there’s a huge opportunity for advertisers coming in at this early stage. There’s the chance to exploit the fact there’s currently quite little competition, and create a long-term advantage by building up their presence early on.

2. The audience is growing quickly
TikTok has over one billion active users worldwide. Also, TikTok has been the most downloaded app every month since august 2020 (according to Sensor Tower).

Madeleine Brolin, product owner Tiktok at N365

3. Going viral is a real possibility – for everyone
Anyone can go viral on TikTok – so can your brand! As a matter of fact, no other social platform enables this level of viral potential. Producing ads based on trends and challenges increases your relevance and likelihood of appearing in user feeds.

4. Great platform for low funnel activities
Whether you’re aiming for more traffic, leads or conversions, TikTok Ads Manager provides you with the options you need to help your business grow. Just like all other social platforms the TikTok pixel allows you to track activity on your webpage and optimize towards conversions. We’ve seen great results very quickly from this kind of conversion-based campaign setup for several clients.

5. Super high engagement
TikTok is every brand’s dream platform because of the high engagement! At N365, we’ve started several ad campaigns together with clients, where TikTok has started outperforming other social platforms surprisingly fast in terms of CPA levels and engagement rates.


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