How multiplatform campaigns can boost results

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There can be a lot to gain by running multiplatform campaigns. In Norway, N365 are seeing great synergies as several of their clients are present across channels like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and Google’s ad networks simultaneously.

It is always important to monitor what’s buzzing in the digital marketing industry. As an agency, N365 have focused on being an early adopter, trying out new platforms as and when they come along.

While Facebook and Google are still the biggest channels for most clients, platforms like TikTok and Snapchat are also making ground as lucrative places to advertise. With low CPM prices, they can be great to include as a part of the marketing strategy. CPM prices are, however, not the only perk of adding these platforms to the mix.

“There is also an element of spreading the risk. As results tend to fluctuate, multiple channels can give us increased flexibility. If we are seeing a drop in conversions or having issues with one platform, we can allocate resources to other channels that are performing better at any given moment,” says Marius Brevik, Editor in Norway.

Norwegian success

In Norway, the agency has seen these synergies in action lately, with several of their clients running on more than one platform. Provexin and Oslo Skin Lab are great examples of how this can work effectively.

“We are always monitoring trends in each channel to maximize results. We discuss budget allocations on a weekly basis with many of our clients. For Provexin, our YouTube campaign was converting really well, while Facebook was more challenging. As a result, YouTube accounted for the biggest media spend for quite some time. In Oslo Skin Lab’s case, it was Snapchat that was giving the best CPA:s and therefore got more of the budget,” says Managing Editor in Norway, Ida Johannessen.

Vesterålens Naturprodukter is another client that experience the benefits of this approach. Having already been live on both Facebook and Google for some time, they recently added campaigns on TikTok and Snapchat as well.

“We are happy that the client is giving us the chance to explore several platforms at the same time,” says Norweigan editor Marius Brevik.

Keen to learn more about the benefits of multiplatform campaigns? Don’t hesitate to contact Ida on [email protected] or Marius on [email protected]