How N365 helped Airtours increase bookings 

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Genom att använda en datadriven och omfattande strategi har N365 bidragit till att öka Airtours programmatiska närvaro. Koncentrerad optimering ledde till ökad avkastning – och 2022 förbättrades resultaten med mer än 500 procent.
“We look forward to continuing the collaboration with N365,” says Rasmus Sjöberg, Marketing Manager at Airtours. 

In May 2022, when N365 was commissioned to manage Airtours’ digital presence, it was both a pleasant and challenging job that awaited. As Sweden’s fourth largest tour operator, Airtours is a well-known player in the market, but the COVID-19 pandemic had put the travel industry through huge challenges and a comprehensive overhaul needed to be undertaken across all digital channels. 

Från allra första början av samarbetet varden programmatiska kampanjen en grundläggande del av varumärkesbyggandet, men N365 visste med sin erfarenhet att det finns mer att vinna från en programmatisk kampanj än bara räckvidd och engagemang. 

“Everyone knows that it is important to build a digital presence and to be seen in the right environments. But with a conversion-driven approach and a synchronized strategy across all digital platforms, we knew the programmatic part of the collaboration could also contribute to more bookings, lower costs for the customer and ultimately more structured marketing,” says Pierre Wingren, head of programmatic at N365 . 

A year into the collaboration, N365 can now showcase how successful the programmatic campaign has been for Airtours. Despite major market challenges in the wake of the pandemic, N365 helped improve Airtours’ bookings conversion rate during the partnership by 557 percent, and also saw the ROI increase to a flattering 11.8 – post click only.

As the collaboration enters its second year, Airtours sees no reason to slow down. 

“N365 has an innovative and strategic approach in our programmatic campaigns, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure continued improved results. We are grateful for their expertise and look forward to our continued collaboration,” says Rasmus Sjöberg, Marketing Manager at Airtours. 

The strategy that lies behind Airtours’ market success is now available. Anyone who wants can access the work by filling out the form below and receiving the presentation to their email.