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How N365 partners with Reach PLC to deliver a unique way to drive big volumes

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In partnership with one of the UK’s biggest media publishers, Reach PLC, N365 is providing a unique solution to take their client’s campaigns “to the next level.”

Since 2019, N365 has been the only agency in the UK to offer an activation option which allows brands to boost adverts directly from the Facebook account of national newspapers such as the Daily Mirror or Daily Star.

Can deliver huge number of conversions

The results have been startling, with one campaign resulting in 11,000 new customers being recorded in a single day for long-term client Lottloand. 

Alex Williams, Country Manager UK

Alex Williams, Country Manager UK

“Our partnership with Reach really helps us stand out as an agency,” UK Country Manager, Alex Williams said. “It allows us to take our campaigns to the next level and deliver huge volumes in an increasingly competitive market.

“Lottoland is one of our longest running clients. We’ve consistently delivered results for them and the Reach solution has been a big part of that success.” 

The strategy behind the success

Whether it’s on a local or national level, the chances are you’ve heard of Reach’s extensive list of titles, but how does their partnership with N365 work? 

By creating a handshake, N365 are able to run their innovative native adverts on Reach’s Facebook page while maintaining complete control of all targeting and boosting. 

This adds to the editorial tone of the award-winning content N365 is famed for and also increases the trust users have in the brands being advertised.

Generated thousands of conversions

Lottoland isn’t the only success N365 has had with this approach and in 2021 they generated almost 2,500 conversions in a single month for sport betting site Grosvenor Sports.

With Q2 of 2024 now well underway, N365 and Reach are continuing to go from strength to strength and are looking to explore further opportunities this year.

“We’ve made a real effort to highlight our partnership with Reach to new and existing clients this year and want to get as many clients as possible using the solution,” Alex Williams explained.

“If you want to get your brand visibility on some of the UK’s most well-known and trusted titles while also maintaining a conversion focus, a Reach and N365 campaign really is worth exploring.”

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