Läkarmissionen renews collaboration with N365: “Raised the standard for how an agency should work”

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Sara Ohlsén, Client manager and Lydia Staf, editor for Läkarmissionen.

In 2020, Läkarmissionen and N365 began a collaboration to attract new monthly donors to Läkarmissionen. The focus was editorial storytelling in social channels.
“The collaboration has worked incredibly well and helped us achieve our marketing goals. N365 has raised the standard for how an agency collaboration should work,” says Hanna Rosell, Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Läkarmissionen.

Läkarmissionen is an aid organization that works to change the future for vulnerable people in over forty countries. In 2020, almost 300 000 children and adults received help from Läkarmissionen’s donors.

Läkarmissionen was looking for an agency that could help them increase the number of monthly donors via social channels. The choice fell on N365, who together with Läkarmissionen set up a strategy that involved recruiting monthly donors through editorial content and continuous optimization and analysis.

“In this campaign, we wanted to take advantage of the stories that exist within Läkarmissionen’s organization and reach out with their fantastic work that touches many. In our campaigns for similar organizations, we have seen that this type of content engages users in social channels and increases the willingness to help and act,” says Lydia Staf, editor at N365.

N365 created an editorial site for Läkarmissionen filled with articles mainly focusing on the Nobel prizewinner Dennis Mukwege’s work at Panzi Hospital in DR Congo. A collection of Facebook- and Instagram ads were produced for each article.

A large part of N365’s work was to analyze which articles and ads gave the best results and which target groups were most interested in the content. The campaign was optimized in real time based on these learnings.

“The collaboration with N365 has worked incredibly well. We’ve experienced a strong commitment and a will to constantly perform better, far beyond what would have been good enough,” says Hanna Rosell. She continues to say:

“As a non-profit organization, it is challenging to try to be at the forefront when it comes to digital advertising. It has been very valuable for us to take part in N365’s knowledge of everything from algorithms to the latest advertising formats. It becomes clear what resources they have since they are constantly working with optimization and content creation for different types of clients and accounts.”

Läkarmissionen has chosen to extend the collaboration with N365 with additional native campaigns in social channels, which will primarily focus on Läkarmissionen’s work with safe births.

“The collaboration has definitely helped us achieve our marketing goals when it comes to fundraising and we have therefore chosen to continue, but also to expand the collaboration with N365 during the spring,” says Hanna Rosell.

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