N365 brings new efficiency to Oxyfresh Finland’s marketing

Informative and inspiring content, along with multichannel marketing, once again proved its effectiveness as N365 and Oxyfresh Finland embarked on a partnership.
“Through the native campaign, we were able to provide diverse perspectives on various topics,” explains Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager N365 Finland.

Oxyfresh is a premium product line for the well-being and health maintenance of dogs and cats. Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager of N365 Finland, stumbled upon the brand by chance and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

“Animals are close to my heart, so different pet brands often catch my attention. Oxyfresh’s products and brand seemed exceptionally interesting, so I decided to approach the company’s representative in Finland.”

After a few emails, N365 and Oxyfresh Finland scheduled a remote meeting. This marked the beginning of a journey that few could have predicted.

New content and new media

N365 and Oxyfresh Finland quickly found common ground. After conducting background research and discussing marketing objectives, N365 devised a plan to introduce new solutions to enhance marketing effectiveness.

“N365 had a very clear idea of ​​developing Oxyfresh’s marketing. They quickly understood the direction I wanted to take the business,” says Hanna Kuusisto, CEO of Oxyfresh Finland.

The collaboration began with a native campaign, implemented using Meta’s channels. N365 produced several articles focusing on pet well-being and Oxyfresh products.

Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager, N365 Finland

Juhani Jahnukainen, Country Manager, N365 Finland

“Every pet owner is different, but we all share the desire to provide the best for our pets. Through the native campaign, we were able to provide diverse perspectives on various topics,” explains Jahnukainen.

In addition to the native campaign, N365 started producing new marketing videos. The goal was to launch Oxyfresh marketing on new platforms, Snapchat and TikTok. After the videos were completed, marketing was carried out on three different media using articles, videos, and display ads.

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“Marketing results have been really good”

The results of the native and video campaigns were good from the start. A reader survey conducted as part of the native campaign revealed how the new content had impressed consumers.

According to the reader survey, 83% of individuals who visited the native articles expressed being “very interested” or “quite interested” in purchasing Oxyfresh products after engaging with the content.

Over time, the collaboration between N365 and Oxyfresh expanded. Using the data from the native campaign, a print media campaign was implemented. Additionally, N365 created a new dental care guide for Oxyfresh, which could be distributed to consumers through retailers, for example.

“It was great to see our planned content and distribution strategy yielding results at an early stage. Oxyfresh recognized the importance of content in marketing, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with a high-quality and innovative brand,” says Ville Castrén, editor at N365 who worked on the campaign.

Oxyfresh has also been pleased with the marketing results, and discussions have been held about expanding the partnership to other market areas.

“The collaboration has been easy and flexible from the start. Marketing results have been really good, so I can warmly recommend N365 as a marketing partner,” says Hanna Kuusisto of Oxyfresh.

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