N365 launches its first campaign in India together with long-standing client Lottoland

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N365 has been working closely with Lottoland for nearly 5 years, and are now really excited to start another new journey with them – expanding into India and Brazil with a new programmatic campaign.

Since they formed in 2011, N365 has expanded into a number of different markets all around the world, from the Nordics to Australia to both south and north America. Their next venture will be with global iGaming company Lottoland, expanding their collaboration into India and Brazil with a programmatic campaign.

Lottoland is a well-known iGaming brand with several online RMG products, and has been working with N365 in a number of different markets including the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Australia. 

‘Lottoland wanted to expand into new markets and we were really pleased to find a solution for them. It was great to hear our long-standing client trusted us to expand into more markets and increase their global brand further’, says Jim Forsgren, UK Country Manager, and continues:

‘India is obviously a huge market and we’re aware that many other iGaming companies are looking into it. I expect India to be an important market for many soon, so we’re obviously super excited to get this up and running!’

The solution will focus on acquiring first-time depositing customers, similar to campaigns N365 have done with other markets for Lottoland. 

‘We have a lot of experience working with iGaming companies, and our native advertising strategy works really well when it comes to earning good ROI on media investments,’ continues Jim Forsgren.

‘This programmatic solution has shown a lot of promise and success for other clients with similar KPIs and we’re really excited to see how our super skilled programmatic team will take this opportunity further’, says Pierre Wingren, Head of Programmatic.

If you want to find out more about how N365 works with gaming companies or clients in other industries and sectors, you can get in touch with us here. We’d be happy to talk about how our data-driven content marketing solutions could help grow your business!