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Get the best possible results through creative minds and data-driven optimisation

In the beginning

With a background in optimisation and the results-focused gaming advertising industry, combined with the creativity-focused tabloids in Sweden, founder Johan Rikner wanted to mix those things into one concept in 2011.

Johan Rikner - CEO
Johan Rikner – CEO

The result was n365 – a content agency creating digital native advertising campaigns with a focus on data-driven optimisation to make the most out of every penny spent. There were other native advertising agencies on the market back then, but their focus was about branding or attention, rather than actual measurable effects on the campaigns.

Market approves

The concept proved to be something the market wanted: The brand new, creative optimisation method, made for efficient campaigns and happy clients – which was proved by an organically-growing company from day one.

The buy-out

From the beginning, n365 was owned by the Swedish media agency 3kronor. Four of the employees bought the company in September 2014 to be detached and free to work with every media agency in Sweden. Since then, n365 has been an independent agency working with several of the biggest media agencies in Sweden.

Social journalism

At the same time as the media agency buy-out, n365 launched a viral site, Newsner.com, with the idea of showing clients that we could work well with Facebook. Within a week, Newsner reached one million Swedes with its engaging content. Since then, Newsner has become an important part of n365, creating opportunities to add more advertising products to their portfolio – such as branded content and branded videos with a good platform to build on.

Going international

During 2016, n365 became a global company with offices opening in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and London. Newsner is also active with Turkish, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Brazilian, Polish, and Russian sites.

Multi channel and independent

Today, n365 is offering a wide content concept in digital, print, radio, and TV to all kind of clients – from small, newly-started businesses to global companies. And of course always with the same focus: To get the best possible results through creative minds and data-driven optimisation.

If you want to find out more about how our concept looks, see our What we do section.

  • Native advertising
    Creative minds and data-driven optimisation

    N365 are the experts in creating campaigns with high conversion results and/or increased sales.

  • We are unique
    Tailor made solutions based on your targets

    Even though our concept can be replicated, dedicated editors ensure every campaign is unique.

  • We are multi channel
    Digital, Print, TV, OOH and Radio

    We are 100% independent and always recommend the best channels for your campaign based on your targets.

  • Always next step
    We take your campaign to the next level

    We never settle for anything less than having you 100% satisfied, by taking your campaign to the next level.

About us
What we do