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We are experts in producing content that delivers results through data-driven optimization. It doesn’t matter if it’s text, video, images or sound: we apply our unique way of thinking about content to every aspect of our work.

Native advertising
Social media

Native advertising

For us, native advertising is more than just a good story.

We aim to find the best story by looking at the data and optimizing the content during the campaign. This enables the most efficient way for our clients to achieve their goals – no matter what they may be.

In actual fact, 80% of our work is done after the initial publication.

Remaining humble is one of our core beliefs, and this is reflected in how we approach new campaigns. We don’t claim to know what stories will yield the best result from day one – but by the time the campaign is over we will.

To be able to deliver real results for our clients, we always set up measurable KPIs, be it conversions, branding or something else, so that we can evaluate our performance once it’s over.

Perhaps that’s why 90 % of our existing clients would recommend working with us to others.

Social media

When it comes to finding your target audience, nothing beats social media.

Whether you want positive ROI, reach or engagement, social media should always be considered as a part of your strategy. With increasing competition, it’s now more important than ever to create the right type of content that stands out and captures your audience – and this is something that we can help you with.

We have worked with social media since 2013, in particular Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, and our social media site Newsner is in many ways a product of our knowledge and expertise within the SoMe landscape.

As ultimate proof of acknowledgement, we won Gold at the prestigious Native Advertising Awards in Berlin 2018 with our Facebook campaign for USKA. The category? “Best use of Facebook”.


In a media landscape where traditional distribution strategies are sure to be marginalized over time, automated media purchases become the key to finding the audience – preferably at a time when they are receptive to the message.

N365 has many years of experience in developing programmatic strategies in the Nordics, Europe and in North America, both in B2C and B2B campaigns.

Like our other operations, our programmatic product is driven by seeking the highest possible return for our clients. Format, placement, content and data are always measured towards the agreed campaign target.

With us, not only are players with long-standing experience of programmatic media purchases able to develop their activity, but also those who are at the beginning of their programmatic journey.


Let me Google that.

Every day, between 8 and 9 billion searches are made worldwide. That’s quite a lot of searches per year. With that in mind, it’s quite obvious that as a business, you should have a strong presence on Google, whether it’s organic or paid search.

We have been working with Google for several years and can assist you with both SEO and SEM. Whether it’s for branding or conversion purposes. Or why not both?

As a clear proof of our expertise, we are also a Google Partner.


Video is the future of content marketing.

We already know that native video is taking over as the most efficient way for brands to engage with their audience.

But we also know that to get the most out of the medium you have to be able to create a story that captures the attention and resonates with people in a matter of seconds.

As the home of social media powerhouse Newsner, who regularly create some of the world’s most viral videos, our editors are experts in creating native videos that stand out and get noticed in any social media feed – and more importantly gets results.

Lately we have started doing TV commercials and applying the same learnings with really interesting results!

Brand awareness, lowering CPA or increasing ROI? We’ve got you covered.


Print is dead. Long live print.

Some people might find it odd that we are pushing for print advertising these days – but the truth is that native print ads are still a great option for both branding and conversion purposes.

Print ads allow your brand to spend real time with your audience. After all, if someone has gone to the trouble to pick up a newspaper or magazine, the chances are they are going to take the time to read it.

Our editors are experts in crafting ads that fit the publisher’s editorial environment and create a valuable reading experience that feels both authentic and trustworthy.

And because we are an independent agency with media partners all over the world, we can work together with any publisher to match your brand with the right media channel, thus impacting the most upon your target audience.

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