Native Advertising

 What is Native Advertising to you?

For many, Native Advertising is about creating the right stories. But for N365 it’s mostly about finding what the right story is through data-driven optimisation during the campaigns.

Humbleness is one of our most prioritised assets going into new partnerships – we never say we know what stories will generate the best results before campaigns start, but that we will find out before the campaign is finished. We’re never afraid to test new ideas, even if we don’t believe in them, because we’ve been proved wrong many times, and that’s something that gets us going more than anything else.

Result driven – always!

The focus with our data-driven native advertising is always on results, and we love doing conversion campaigns because it’s so easy for the client to see the impact of it and compare us with other channels. That doesn’t mean we don’t do branding or inspiring campaigns as well, throughout the years we’ve tested our concept on anything you could think of from big international companies to brand-new start-ups.

Independent agency

Since we’re an independent agency, we’re happy to launch the data-driven native advertising campaign in whichever media channels your target group is in, and we’re happy to set up a total solution including media recommendations and buying, content creation, tracking, reporting etc. We’re happy to combine different media channels in a campaign to reach as wide an audience as you need.

We want you to get involved

Our opinion is always that the client should be exactly as involved as they want to be – if they want to stay out of the production and let us handle everything then that’s what we do, but if they need daily updates then that’s what we’ll deliver. Most often, it is something in between, but we always deliver weekly reports on how the campaign is going, what our learnings are and what our ideas are for moving forward. And, of course, we are responsible for all content creation.

Multichannel – Best choice

Which platform we use for our native advertising is also flexible – so far, we’ve tested campaigns in digital, print, TV, social media and radio, and we’re still looking for new channels to show how our creativity and conversion knowledge can be effective.

Let us grow together

How we work with clients differs from time to time, and we’re flexible to meet our clients’ expectations and wishes – and our clients can be either agencies or direct brands. Our standard offer is to work in a continuous partnership in an always-on strategy, optimising the campaign on a daily basis in everything from the adverts, content pages, landing page at clients’ website and media buying.

Contact us for a free quote

If you’re unsure about what we could do for your brand, we’re happy to meet in person or over Skype to suggest some creative ideas tailored for you.

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