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The mistakes many companies make when advertising on Meta

By 2023-11-15 No Comments

Meta is one of the most effective channels for digital advertising. However, it’s easy to get lost in the social media jungle. Here, our Product owner for Meta, Jimmie Larsson, lists seven common mistakes we at N365 observe advertisers making on the platform.

1. Choosing the wrong optimization goal

Among the most critical aspects on Meta is the optimization goal – the algorithm is excellent at delivering exactly what you ask it to do. In other words: optimize for sales if that’s what you want from your advertising. Meta offers a multitude of options, practically every step in a customer’s journey, but many go astray by optimizing for clicks when what they really seek is conversions. The result is cheap but less relevant clicks.

2. Having too many ad sets

Customer lists, custom audiences, lookalikes, and interest groups are just a few examples of how Meta categorizes its users. But with too many ad sets, the system gets too little data to work with, risking getting stuck in the learning phase, which can lead to poorer results. A better tip is to consolidate several smaller target groups into a single ad set.

3. Unnecessarily excluding placements

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network – and several placements within each platform. Many start by excluding placements, missing potential customers within Meta’s network. A better idea is to include automatic placements and tailor your ad to fit each space. This way, you let Meta itself display the ad to the most relevant users, regardless of placement.

4. Over-optimizing

Optimization is necessary. Pause poorly performing ads and replace them with new, fresh ideas. Continuously adjust landing page content to try to lower CPA. However, don’t tweak the system too much. Major changes send the campaign back into the learning phase, resulting in uncertain hours before the results stabilize. At the same time, it’s crucial to continually monitor and optimize. A good tip is, therefore, to make several significant changes simultaneously rather than small adjustments over time.

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5. Creating too similar ads

All products and services have a core audience, but there can be many reasons why people in your target group make a purchase. Despite this, many advertisers create different versions of the same message or unique selling proposition (USP). A key to success is to spend time on the content. Test different formats, images, videos, and ad copy. In short: diversify, evaluate, and test again.

6. Forgetting about video

Videos on social media have gained full force. Both younger and older audiences flock to new apps, formats, and popular video placements. However, advertising is somewhat lagging behind. Many only think of static images when creating material for a new ad campaign. But the fact is that a mix of both images and videos often leads to better results. Try including both next time and increase your chances of more effective advertising.

7. Neglecting tracking

Tracking can feel complicated and challenging. Still, if you want to succeed with a conversion campaign on Meta, it’s undoubtedly necessary. By setting up measurement, you can optimize yourself by seeing which targeting and ads deliver results in your campaigns. You also give the system the opportunity to show your ads to the most relevant users concerning optimization goals. For optimal tracking setup, Meta’s pixel and the server-to-server solution Conversions API are recommended.

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