Swedish development organization Diakonia found the right agency in N365

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Foto: Diakonia/Martina Holmberg.

Diakonia wanted to find a new digital partner for social channels, who could “go the extra mile.” The choice fell on content agency N365, and a few months later the relationship is flourishing.
“We have an open-minded collaboration where we develop projects, campaigns and procedures together,” says Julia Gerestrand, Communication Officer at Diakonia.

The prospect of a close collaboration was one of the most important criteria when Diakonia started looking for a new digital partner. The goal was to find an agency that could be “more than just a supplier.”

“We have quite a lot of knowledge at Diakonia but needed someone to discuss strategic issues with. We were also looking for an agency that is an expert in social media, and can bring out that little extra to make sure we get results from our investments. Conversion is key, whether it’s a fundraising, opinion-forming or awareness campaign,” says Julia Gerestrand, Communication Officer at Diakonia.

Julia Gerestrand and her colleagues were already familiar with N365’s native concept. They were keen to try it out as they felt it would be a good fit for Diakonia. But what quickly won their trust was the way N365 presented their approach, and that the first meeting became more of a conversation.

“We felt that the challenges and opportunities we have as an organization were received as a good steppingstone by co-workers at N365. Mutual respect and the fact that we can learn from each other and develop together is important to us.”

Diakonia has many different missions in its communication. From raising money for important projects around the world to raising awareness about aid, engaging and influencing public opinion in Sweden.

“For all missions, brand awareness of course has an important role to play, but where we see the greatest opportunity to develop now is fundraising through digital platforms. We see a great advantage in partnering with N365 in this area, who has extensive experience in social media fundraising.”

The partnership has now been running for a few months. What is your experience with N365 so far?

“We’ve got off to a great start. I like that the contact with N365 feels like talking to a colleague, not an external provider. It’s an openminded collaboration where we develop projects, campaigns and procedures together.”

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Julia Gerestrand, Communication Officer Diakonia
Moa Haeggblom, Kommunikatör Diakonia
Ulrika Runge, Digital strateg Diakonia
Sara Ohlsén, Client manager N365
Jennifer Hellström, Editor N365
Emilia Rosengård, Video producer N365

Foto: Diakonia/Martina Holmberg.