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Why all Meta-advertisers should use Conversions API: “Many of our clients notice an uplift”

By 2022-06-10 No Comments

Do you see a significant drop in conversions on social media? In that case, Meta’s new Conversions API tracking solution could be the way forward. N365 offers their clients the ability to connect to the API through the Conversions API Gateway. Schedule an appointment and get started today.

Digital marketing is facing big changes as third-party cookies are being phased out. Combined with adblockers and conditional changes across multiple browsers, many advertisers around the globe have noticed a decline in both conversions and the size of custom audiences.

But there is a solution in place. The Conversions API was developed by Meta and, unlike a traditional pixel, is a server-to-server solution. This means that you connect your server to Facebook and send the data that way instead of through the browser pixel.

“The best results are achieved by using both the Conversions API and keeping the regular Facebook pixel. Through a clever feature called deduplication, no conversions are counted twice and instead you get as much data in as possible, which is an advantage for both results and optimization,” says Jimmie Larsson, product owner Meta at N365.

At N365, around ten clients have signed up to use the Conversions API. Now they can enjoy better results, more reliable measurement and greater opportunities to reach the right audience with their ads.

“Many of our clients notice an uplift and get more purchases with the help of the new tracking,” says Jimmie Larsson.

There are several ways to connect to the Conversions API. A direct integration requires help from a developer and regular maintenance. Another solution is to get help from various commerce partners such as Shopify.

N365 has chosen Meta’s own Conversions API Gateway solution to ensure measurement on their campaign sites. N365 now also offers their clients the ability to connect their measurement to the Conversions API through the gateway solution, free of charge.

“It doesn’t take much time to connect and it only requires a few adjustments in your DNS for the server and gateway to pick up data from each other,” says Jimmie Larsson.

Would you and your company like help with the Conversions API? Get help from N365 – fill in your details below and we’ll contact you!