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How kwiff achieved a record number of new customers in one day with N365

kwiff needed a new solution for acquiring first-time depositing customers (FTDs), to run alongside their brand-focused TV and influencer marketing strategies.

N365 were able to provide an alternative, through native advertising.

After an encouraging few months, this acquisition model was scaled up and led to N365 smashing the client’s record for amount of FTDs in one day!

kwiff is an app-only sports betting platform that entered the UK market in 2015.

Their USP is that they offer ‘supercharged’ bets, which means the odds of any bet placed on their app can be randomly improved, or ‘supercharged’, resulting in much bigger payouts if they win.

The brand’s image is fun and wacky, and their primary demographic is younger men who gamble casually.

N365 were able to produce written and visual content that better explained how kwiff’s betting model works and why it is one of the most exciting new gambling products in the UK market.

Using adverts run through Facebook, N365 was able to develop and then build data on the strongest audiences available, allowing us to increase volume targets on a monthly basis.

The content was continuously optimised during the football season, which is a key time for kwiff due to the nature of their product.

Ahead of a European Cup semi-final, N365 published an article describing how an existing customer had seen his bet ‘kwiffed’ to a higher payout for the match.

The metrics looked very positive shortly after the adverts were activated, so the team worked in real-time to optimise the budgets and creative assets, working to maximise the potential returns on the day’s performance.

kwiff were blown away by the results.

Over 1,000 new customers placed a FTD, which not only beat N365’s previous record for single-day conversions, but it was also the highest number of customers the client had gained from a single day’s performance.

In addition to the first time deposits, over 2,500 app installs took place.

The objective here, however, wasn’t to simply get as many customers through the door as possible – it was to gain new customers at a lower cost than the client could achieve themselves.

On N365’s record-breaking day for kwiff, the CPA was more than 50% under target.

But that’s not all.

You’ll be surprised to know that all this was accomplished with a photo of a sad-looking English breakfast…

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